Bicycles and Coffee , Musette, Bordeaux
Photo: Musette

Bicycle lovers will be happy to hear that Bordeaux ranks 6th on the list of the world’s most bike-friendly cities, just behind Copenhagen and Amsterdam. So it’s only natural that there is a bike-café here.

The concept ? Offer repairs, sales and café services in a more relaxed atmosphere than in your usual repair shop. At Musette they welcome you with a “salut, ça va” with a distinct English/American accent, punctuated by the sounds of bicycle tools, homemade cakes and coffee.

Bicycles and Coffee – Photos by Musette

At the initiative of Chris, the English cook and barista, and Rob, skilled at bike repairs, the recipe seems to have seduced both experienced cyclists as well local students and families. They willingly leave their bikes for a service against a good cup of coffee, enjoyed indoors or in the garden at the back.

More than a means of transport, at Musette the bicycle is above all considered a lifestyle. And so is their choice of coffee beans and tea, selected with care and transported (by bike) from local producers.

Chris and Rob are Musette

Chris says he is surprised by the choice of some for old bikes, in average condition, motivated by the fear that it might get stolen, rather than investing in quality bikes. In London, he tells us, the mentality is not the same and it is not uncommon to find secure bike storages for company employees.

Musette organises “Rando Mollo” guided cycle camping mini-tours designed to familiarise beginners with the world of bike-packing and cycle touring. It is also a chance for experienced cyclo-tourists to have a relaxed overnight social trip. Open to all and run during the warmer months of the year.

“Cycling is good for your health, good for the environment
and good for the economy!”

MUSETTE Bicycles & Coffee (website & Facebook page)
72 Cours de la Somme (Map)
33800 Bordeaux

Photos by Asgeir Pedersen, except as indicated