Saint-Michel is without doubt the most vibrant and colourful district of Bordeaux

Today we stray off the beaten paths and away from the “bobo image”* that sticks to the skin of Bordeaux. Direction Saint-Michel, Saint-Mich among the locals, down-to-earth and cosmopolitan, with fewer tourists, more marked by time too.

Rich in people and cultures, Saint-Michel is above all a blending and integration of many individuals and communities. In Saint-Michel, life follows the rhythm of the place, its couscous, pizzas or Breton crepes on the terraces. Walking through its streets, it is this diversity that one comes here to find, it constitutes the soul of this neighbourhood, like a taste from elsewhere but within the reaches of the cobblestones.

Saint-Michel is without doubt the most vibrant and colourful district of Bordeaux. The streets are renovated and the stones walls regain their blonde colours as the rehabilitation works continues, but its identity remains the same.

We come here on Mondays and Saturdays, the market days to taste fresh fruits and vegetables, during the week for shopping at dawn at the stands of second-hand dealers. On Sundays there are flowers to bring with, before we head up the main street to immerse ourselves in the lively Capucins’ Market.

It’s simply impossible not to appreciate the laid-back atmosphere in this neighbourhood or to stop by the imposing La Flèche spire and the UNESCO World Heritage-enlisted Saint-Michel Basilica.**

“Flee-market” at Saint-Michel on Sundays
At the Capucins’ Market

* Bourgeois-Bohème
** The Saint-Michel Basilica is enlisted UNESCO World Heritage as part of the Routes of Santiago de Compostela sites in France.
All photos by Asgeir Pedersen, Spots France
The French version of this article was first published in November 2018. Written by Anaïs Meunier.