Echo Cave à Manger, Bordeaux France - Photo by Asgeir Pedersen, Spots France
Chocolate sphere and chocolate mousse with olive oil and salt from Hawaii

A bistronomic* menu that surprises. Gourmet dishes with basic and fresh products

There are these restaurants where you instantly feel good, where slick decoration, warm service and gourmet dishes are almost a given. And there are some which we prefer and to which we return. The Echo Cave à manger restaurant in the heart of Bordeaux’s Saint-Pierre district is a small “maison” open toward the street where customers are regulars in the making.

Bruno, the smiling manager, a former oenologist and property manager, wanted to create a place of emotion and democratize the wine, without fuss or pretensions.

“Working in the field, I started from a simple observation: I consumed organic wines but I sold more conventional wines. I wanted to return to the taste of the fruit, the primary aromas and the recent vintages.”

Bruno Grannet

Bordeaux is the city of wine so at Echo they present something different, both for the amateur and the more savvy. But democratizing does not mean lower quality! The choice of wines is meticulous, they only work with enthusiasts. The wines are original bios and/or without sulfur, French or foreign produce.

“Since we don’t have any demanding wines they naturally go well with our cuisine.”

At Echo there is no huge cellar, no standard cheese or sausage plate, out with codes and rules, the wine accompanies the food and vice versa.

What’s on the Menu?

Echo offers a bistronomic* menu that surprises with a number of possible combinations of appetizers, main dishes and desserts, always of the season and perfectly mastered, to mix or to share. Honestly, once the table is set, it’s impossible not to dig into the plate of your neighbour.

Smoked hearts of duck (coeurs de canards) smoked with rosemary and a butternut velouté with hazelnuts

“We try to be respectful of the environment. We work with Le Local, an organic grocery store in Bordeaux and I am in contact with green energy suppliers. We want to do things well.”

Corentin, the young chef, treats us with daring flavours by making us believe in the ease of their execution. Trust him. His open kitchen and the smells that emerge balance out any indecision. These are gourmet dishes with simple and fresh products; no ingredients are put aside, the tastes harmonize perfectly.

As for us, we enjoyed the rosemary-smoked coeurs de canards (duck hearts).

Echo, cave à manger
18 Rue de la Cour des Aides (Map)

*Bistronomic = a blend of bistro and gastronomic or gourmet meals, a buzz-word for a (new) style of French cuisine without too much pomp or rules.
All photos by Asgeir Pedersen, Spots France